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Inspiration from [ profile] lurpak,

that 5 random things meme...


Dear lord, I love marzipan. With all my soul and all my heart. If the very lovely Mrs. McDingo were made from marzipan, I would be the happiest man alive.

Just before Christmas Aldi were selling two types of heaven on a stick. There was a bar of chocolate covered praline with a marzipan centre, and a bar of chocolate covered marzipan with a praline centre. After much field research, I came to the conclusion that the chocolate covered marzipan with the praline center was better, simply because there was more marzipan in that one.

I did however realise that I had a problem the day that I went in and saw a woman holding one of each and looking puzzled. Being the concerned citizen that I am, I gave her the benefit of my advice and experience. At length. The fact that I could speak authoritatively on the comparable benefits of two marzipan bars scared even me.

Make Believe

I don't tend to think of myself as a very make-believey person. I didn't have any imaginary friends as a child, and I fear that I may be too pragmatic to have much of a whimsical imagination.

However, I do get nagged by the boys to tell them a made-up story on a regular basis. The format is pretty standard - they go off together, have an adventure (preferably involving Dragons (and the slaying of)), secret tunnels, caves stuffed with sweets and many feats of derring-do, all ending with lasting fame for the heroes. Given the right framework I can create any number of variations on the theme, so I must still have some imagination left.


I don't really have much experience of mountains. Growing up in Suffolk is about as far from mountain territory as you can get. I've never had the urge to go and climb one, and I don't think I saw a proper mountain with my own eyes until I was 33.

I don't find them particularly inspiring - I think the tweeness of the chocolate box scenery of 'The Sound Of Music' probably put me off. Mind you, it didn't put me off Julie Andrews, but that's a whole other story....


I went to Manchester once. I got out of a coach, into a theatre to see Medea (a production that had such an effect on me, I just had to google 'Greek tragedy, crown of fire, kills children just to remember what it was called), and then got back on the coach and went home.

I would have said that that was my only experience of Manchester. But as I was writing this, I remembered that I went to visit a friend of mine one weekend, who took me for a curry in Rusholme, and then made me walk back through Moss Side in the dark. I didn't know we were walking through Moss Side until we got to the other side when she just casually dropped it into conversation.

Oh, and my Aunt was born there, which means that my Mother must've lived there for a while, but that's as much as I know really.


I have no particular feelings about monkeys in general. I do though refer to my boys constantly as monkeys. Ned in particular used to hate this, which just meant I did it all the more.

I once tried to convince my niece when she was about 3 that she was a monkey and her parents had bought her from the pet shop. I don't think she believed me. I did have more luck in convincing her that the lady on stamps and coins is her Nan.

Anyway, although the boys now don't mind me calling them monkeys so much, they do retaliate by referring to me almost exclusively as 'big fat stinky pig'.

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