Dec. 4th, 2008

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We are suffering in the McDingo household. Well, when I say we, I mean the Very Lovely Mrs. McDingo and I. The kids seem fine and totally unaffected, but we both seem to have something that closely resembles the norovirus which is doing the rounds at the moment. Whatever it may be, we're both feeling decidedly peaky, and therefore getting on each others nerves.

Which was why I was so amazingly grateful to have my grotty week uplifted by a parcel from [ profile] land_girl which arrived yesterday. When feeling so crap, it really cheered me up to receive such a lovely collection of gifts, including the extremely appropriate Brian Appleton badges bearing the legend 'My Turn To Be Poorly'. The timing couldn't have been better!

On a less cheerful note, I received a parcel today - my MP3 Player had been sent back with a fault - it was just still under guarantee. I posted it on 7th November, and have been chasing Creative ever since to find out where my repair / replacement was. They eventually admitted to having lost my player, and sent me a 'new' one.

Except, when I received it today, not only was it a refurb which was cosmetically inferior to the one I had sent for repair, but it also had exactly the same fault as the one I had in the first place.

I won't bore you with my tale of woe in trying to get someone to take responsibility on the phone, and they have agreed to send me a Brand New player. But not until I have sent them this second faulty one back, and sent them some proof of postage. Bastards.


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