Feb. 10th, 2008

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I didn't feel old when I hit 30
I didn't feel old when I hit 35
I didn't feel old when I became a father of 3
I didn't feel old when Ned started school
I didn't feel old after the snip, knowing that my child making days were over
I didn't feel old when I started going grey, when I lost most of my hair, when the grey hairs started appearing all over my body, not just on my head.
I didn't feel old when I was watching Life On Mars and could remember 1973. Just.

But when Ned showed me his wobbly tooth this morning, that's when I suddenly felt old.

On quite another topic, I've just finished two straight days of painting woodwork, and I have at least another 1 1/2 to do, followed by 3 full days next week. I'm dizzy from the fumes of gloss paint.

Which may explain why I didn't react to the comment here too well. I think I took it far too personally, and re-reading the original comment I think it wasn't intended that way. However, I was, and am still annoyed by the anonymity of the comment. I have no problem entering into what could be an interesting debate, and I'm not so unsure of myself or my arguments that I'd shy away from the conversation, but I don't like jousting shadows.

And it also opens up the question, which do you prefer? Mawkish Sentimentality or Fashionable Cynicism. Why don't you decide?


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